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ZEONS Global Inc (ZGI)

believes that it can meet current and future food and energy needs, protect and preserve our environment, and promote important and necessary economic growth and societal changes.

ZGI is committed to promoting the production, distribution, and use of environmentally and health conscious products, biodiesel and other biofuels through its network of global satellite locations and specialized business units.


Nick Lampson,
Former US Congressman, 22nd and 9th Districts of Texas

Companies like Zeons help reduce US dependence on foreign oil, protect US consumers from the effects of the political instability present in many major oil-producing countries, reduce air pollution, and improve our environment. In addition, as Zeons continues to build its world-class biofuel distribution network, the number of environmentally-friendly jobs provided by Zeons will continue to grow, stimulating local economies and increasing the revenue base of communities.

Joseph’s Inks Global Business Development Deal with Zeons Global Inc.
 SANTA ANA, CA – April 12, 2012 - ...
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